This summer i worked at Marineland. I took photo’s of the guests feeding and petting the belugas! Here I get a big wet hug from adorable Andre! Sierra squirts a biig fountain of water and the little babies play around!

My Cats and the ferns out in the garden on a glorious spring afternoon!

Mona is the white one and Harper is the ginger.


Modern Times Creature 8 by Marko Köppe
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a case of you (collage) by marieke bosma


a case of you (collage) by marieke bosma


Dessi Terzieva


Collages by artist on tumblr - Joanna Marcjanna

Splish Splash, I saw a swan takin’ a bath! It’s glorious to be outdoors now that spring is at our doorstep!

i had way too much fun outside today!

Spring is in full force finally!

Pretty Polish Horses. I had a blast in 2011 exploring my eastern european roots and mennonite history. 

Yellow trout lilies also known as dog tooth violets. Our flowers are so late this year, last year they were almost finished at this time and this year they are just starting to bloom! Late spring… ugh! I just want warm weather already!

I barely have one friend, and my issue is not having a emotional connection with someone.


i guess that means I’m in the same boat as you.

will never leave my side… my real bestie in the whole wide world will always be my ginger muskrat! my dear ginga king! plays in the garden as much as i do!